Mount Ijen is located between the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia. The location is side by side with Merapi Mountain. The height of Mount Ijen is 2,443 meters, still lower when compared with Mount Bromo or Semeru so trekking to the top of Ijen is also easier. Mount Ijen is famous for its unparalleled crater beauty.

Ijen crater is the largest acid water lake in the world. Your tiredness from climbing will pay off with the beautiful blue Ijen Crater. Moreover if you decide to camp here, at 02.00 to 04.00 in the morning you can see the blue fire phenomenon that you will not find in other mountains, even in other countries, because supposedly blue fire in Mount Ijen is the only one in world.


Moyo Island is a tourist island known for its natural beauty and its charming underwater park. The island is located on the northern island of Sumbawa, Indonesia with an area of 350 km2, with a coastline of 88km and a maximum height of 671meter. Special beauty makes this island visited by many tourists and not a few famous figures who visit this island as Prince William, Mick Jagger and footballer former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar. Not only that, Moyo island is also in the delight of the newly married couples as a romantic honeymoon place.

Here are 5 popular destinations on the island of moyo that many enjoy the tourists:

1. Tanjung Pasir Beach
Tanjung Pasir Beach located at the southern tip of Moyo island. Not only has a charming white sand, but the beauty of the underwater is also very pampering tourists. Various beautiful coral reefs are decorated with various types of fish you will encounter when exploring under the sea of this sand beach. In this beach area there are also places to relax with romantic view.

2. Sweet Water Beach
Adventure on this beach will give a special impression especially with your partner, you can do camping, snorkeling and diving on this beach, the underwater beauty like the color of coral reefs and biota under the sea will make you forget the mainland, and unique in this region there A tropical forest populated by a variety of animals such as parrots, deer, wild pigs and others that will make your adventure more exciting.

3. Poto Needle Beach
This area also has a beautiful beach scene and not a few who make this beach as a place to sunbathe while enjoying the sea view is tempting.

4. Brang Sedo Beach
In this area there is also a beautiful beach with an unspoiled view. In this Sedo Brang area, visitors can do camping activities and other activities such as diving and snorkeling.

5. Waterfall Mata Jitu
In addition to coastal destinations, Moyo Island also has a waterfall tour with its natural beauty and soothing. The flow of water is quiet enough clear with a bluish green color will make anyone cannot wait to get involved in the pond. Also in this location there are also 7 swimming pools that should not be used for swimming, but do not worry the manager has prepared a special spot for you who want to feel the sensation of swimming in this eye waterfall.


Telaga Waja River is in village Muncan, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia and one of the longest river on east Bali start to runs southward Bali from southern slope of Mount Abang. Mount Abang a peak at the south rim of Batur caldera as the nant of tremendous eruption which was probably happened at the same time as other super volcanic eruptions along volcanic belt of archipelago.

Telaga Waja River is one of the longest river on east Bali start to runs southward Bali from southern slope of Mount Abang. Mount Abang a peak at the south rim of Batur caldera as the nant of tremendous eruption which was probably happened at the same time as other super volcanic eruptions along volcanic belt of archipelago. Telaga Waja River is close to the biggest temple of Bali, the Besakih and cut the foot of the highest mountain of Bali that Mount Agung on the west side. With it’s specific current, clean water, natural views and soft rapid Telaga Waja River has becoming more and more popular among the adventure seekers on Bali to experience the thrill of holidays which combination between culture and nature.

Although Ayung River is the most famous rafting place in Bali, but Telaga Waja River remains the best rafting ever in Bali. This river has a difficulty level 3 – 4 but still safe for the beginners. The rapids are very challenging and of course will boost your adrenaline racing. Telaga Waja river is located in Muncan village, Karangasem district, which neighbors to Klungkung district. This area can reached within approximately 1,5 hours from Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak and other areas in the Southern Bali. Telaga Waja River is the best rafting point in Bali because the river flows along the expanse of green fields, valleys, hills, cliffs and waterfall of course.

The length of the rafting track in Telaga Waja is about 13km and can be reached about 2 hours. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river with the rapids very challenging even at the finish point we will encounter rapids as high as 5 meters. Despite having rapids level 3-4 this river remains safe for beginner as long as participants comply with all intructions of the guides. At the end of the adventure you will be a little walk to our restaurant which overlooks the stunning cliffs and rice paddies with 4 showers completed with soap, shampoo, towels, changing rooms and toilets.


Beach Lombang
Lombang beach is very famous in Sumenep even become a tourist favorite in Madura. Even foreign tourists were many who came to the beach Lombang this. White sand beach in Lombang like Kuta Beach in Bali. Every day, the beach is always full of visitors, especially if the Eid and Christmas, do not be surprised if a visitor Coast Lombang be booming. This beach is located around 25 km from the center of Sumenep.

One interesting thing of Beach Lombang than white sand beach that is overgrown with plants Pine shrimp, namely endemic plants can only be grown in coastal areas. It is said that this plant Pine shrimp taken by the Chinese nation at that time to sail the waters of the archipelago in the 15th century, so many say that this is only Pain shrimp in Lombang Beach and the beaches in China.

Beach Slopeng
Other beaches that also became a tourist destination in Sumenep, Madura is Slopeng Beach. The beauty of the white sand is equally Beach Lombang. White sand beach Slopeng could reach 6 km. This beach is located around 21 km from the center of Sumenep or 180 km from the city of Surabaya. Beach Slopeng also visited by many visitors from outside of Sumenep like Surabaya often come here. Of Surabaya you can melelui Bridge and takes approximately 6 hours of Surabaya.

In addition to white sand sprawling, Beach Slopeng also covered fir shrimp, but not as much as there is in Lombang Beach. The sea is very clear is suitable for swimming.

Coast Slopeng also be utilized for a vacation with your family and kids, because here there is also a playground for children like swings and slides. You need a quiet atmosphere can come to the beach, because the beach is not as crowded beach Lombang. This is because the beach Slopeng farther from downtown than the Beach Lombang.

These two beautiful beaches and famous in Sumenep, Madura, East Java. For you who love the beach, not to be missed to visit and explore Sumenep, Madura. Guaranteed holiday and family will not be in vain.


Brem is a typical food Madiun East Java, Indonesia. Brem is still traditional processing, using manpower and simple machines.

Brem-making process is starting with the production of glutinous rice white tape. 20 kg super quality white glutinous rice washed and soaked in approximately 4-6 hours. After that, it washed and drained. And glutinous rice cooked with steam for 1 hour machine. Once cooked, glutinous rice is soaked with hot water and cooked for a further 1 hour. Glutinous rice that has been cooked cooled with aerated (java: dealership) above winnowing. Once cool, sprinkle yeast in glutinous rice is until evenly distributed. Every 1 kg of glutinous rice is yeast need 1 seed. Glutinous rice then put into a tub / pot for brooded for 8 days. After 8 days of glutinous rice has a tape. Next is blackmail tape, to get the juice water. Tape juice and boil over a large fire, until thick. Tape residue given sufficient water and juice squeezed again to remove the remaining tape. This second juice, boiled separately, until the same consistency as the first, both in the new mix. Water is boiled until the mixture is thicker again, put in a new mixing machine (mixer). Add the baking soda in the batter by 2 tablespoons and dimixer until white and thick, + - 30 minutes. Once the dough becomes white and thick, pour on a baking sheet in the length + - 4 meters and a width of 60 cm. Uniformly mixed throughout the dough pan and done repeatedly until the dough feels a bit dry. Stirring is intended to condense brem. Then brem surface smoothed by using a plank, is shifted from one end to the other several times until smooth. After that it was allowed to stand overnight mongering brem then later cut into pieces according to the desired size and dried in the hot sun, to remove the remaining moisture. Once dry, brem removed and packaged. Brem is ready to be marketed.

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